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NEBO is one of the world's best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Ever-changing and never compromising, the company creates and sees products through every phase of development. NEBOs mission is to illuminate the world and support independent small businesses by offering high quality LED lighting products at a cost-effective price. Since starting this mission, NEBO has partnered with more than 50,000 independent retail stores in over 50 countries.

Innovation is key to both the brands success and the success of the dealer network. Every day, product designers and engineers work hard at the company HQ in Fort Worth, Texas to design and engineer new and exciting products that will not only benefit stores, but also the end-consumer. NEBO has been a household name in LED lighting products for more than 10 years. The brand cares about the customers. Hearing positive feedback from the people who use NEBO products is the best reward the company can receive.

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Our company was founded in 1997 with one focus, selling batteries of all kinds. Now we are proud to see our company bringing exciting leisure time and technical products to the market through wholesale and distribution. Our motto is »Keeping up with the future«. We endorse and present only world famous brands, which are, besides offering quality products, backed up by long traditions and are always trendy.